Whether you want to enjoy a new rock album, watch Netflix with friends, or play your favorite game, the Windows 10 audio mixer sometimes fails to optimize the sound properly. Fortunately, there are apps that can help us get that extra volume boost we need. These apps are especially useful for quiet laptops with incorporated speakers that don’t simply allow you to turn the volume knob to 11.

A volume booster for Windows 11/10 will help you adjust, boost or cut the sound frequencies so you can enjoy the perfect audio. Sometimes it’s not about the volume, but about setting the strength of the bass, or filtering some sounds. This is when the booster apps can come in handy. They will allow you to tweak the sound delivery to your liking. If you don’t know where to begin searching, here’s our list of the best volume boosters for Windows. 

Table of Contents

    1. Equalizer APO

    This app is an open-source product. It is a system-wide equalizer and it will allow you to adjust the sound output of your PC. However, if you want to edit the filters, you have to do it in a TXT file. This may be a major drawback for some people, but Equalizer APO works perfectly with third-party GUIs.

    For example, you can download Peace Equalizer, which is specifically made as a graphical user interface for Equalizer APO. Besides being an open-source app, the Equalizer APO is completely free for all users.

    Equalizer APO Features:

    • Supports VST plugins
    • Has Infinite number of filters
    • Supports unlimited number of channels
    • Has no latency issues

    2. Ear Trumpet

    This app is not typically used as a stand-alone product like other volume boosters. In fact, it is an addition to the already existing Windows 10 audio mixer. It is very simple to use because it only adds new options to the audio mixer you’re already using.

    Ear Trumpet will allow you to change the playback devices with just one click. You will also be able to control the volume of each app you have opened on your PC. This extension for the Windows 10 audio mixer is available for free in the Microsoft Store. 

    Ear Trumpet Features:

    • You can set the default sound for your apps
    • It comes with dark mode
    • It updates automatically
    • You can configure the hotkeys
    • It can also be used as a stand alone volume mixer

    3. Boom 3D

    Made for macOS and iOS users, the Boom 3D creators, Global Delight Apps, finally decided to release a version for Windows 10. This app already has a strong base of support, with over 40 million registered users. 

    It was built around the 3D Surround Audio Engine Algorithm but since this is a patented technology, the Boom 3D app comes for a price of $39.95. If you’re unsure if this volume booster app is right for you, there is a free 30-days trial period you can use to test it. 

    Boom 3D Features:

    • Offers a variety of presets
    • You can build your own presets
    • Supports surround sound systems
    • Supports all players as well as streaming services
    • Comes with a variety of special effects and a bass booster

    4. Audio Retoucher

    This is a very simple app, designed only to boost the volume on your Windows device. If you are not tech-savvy, then this is the perfect app for you. It has a very simple user interface and settings. Audio Retoucher is available for $39.95, though a free trial is available too. 

    Audio Retoucher Features:

    • You can change the key of any song (key shifting)
    • You can set tone, bass, and intensity levels
    • Automatically detect tempo
    • Includes voice effects
    • Accurately measures BPM (beats per minute)

    5. DeskFX Audio Enhancer

    As the name of this app suggests, DeskFX Audio Enhancer strives to enhance your audio experience. However, it doesn’t focus only on the volume, but also on the quality of the sound. It supports various special effects and it has a 20-band equalizer which will allow you to toggle between graphic, parametric, visual, or any other equalizer on the list. This app is only $14.99 but you can also try it out for a 14-day trial period. 

    DeskFX Audio Enhancer Features:

    • Allows you to eliminate noise from audio clips
    • Audio streaming
    • Noise suppression with high pass filters
    • It comes with commercial presets
    • Allows the layering of effects
    • Low CPU usage and low latency

    6. Letasoft Sound Booster

    The last app on our list boasts being capable of increasing the volume of your PC or laptop by an incredible 500%. While this level of volume-boosting is possible, quality is definitely going to suffer if you really push it. 

    That said, Letasoft Sound Booster is compatible with all the players and apps, which means it will boost the audio even in browser and online streaming and chat platforms. The price for this app starts at $19.95 and you get a 14-day free trial as well. 

    Letasoft Sound Booster Features:

    • User-friendly interface with simple sliders
    • Allows the creation of system-wide hotkeys
    • You can set it to start automatically when your PC is turned on
    • Prevents sound samples from clipping in order to prevent distortion

    7. FxSound

    If you’re looking for a good sound with minimum effort, you should consider FxSound. Select the type of sound (e.g. Music, Video Games) and your audio device, and enjoy. The volume booster app is incredibly easy to use because it boosts your volume and the quality of sound automatically. FxSound is available starting from $1.25/month, but you can use it for free with limited functionality.

    FxSound Features: 

    • Boost volume, bass, and overall quality automatically
    • Comes with a variety of presets based on the type of media
    • No configuration required
    • Can be used for audio transcription

    8. Chrome Volume Booster

    This app is actually a plugin for your Google Chrome web browser, but it’s worth mentioning because it works well and it’s easy to use. All you need to do is add it to your browser and control the volume slider. It’s as easy as pie. The most impressive aspect about it is that it can boost your volume up to 1000%, which is frankly insane. It’s also free!

    Chrome Volume Booster Features:

    • Up to 1000% volume boost
    • User-friendly for non-tech users
    • Works only on Chrome tabs

    Which volume booster for Windows do you prefer? Let us know in the comments and make sure to also check out the best booster apps for Android!