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Welcome to Help Desk Geek – one of four tech sites belonging to the AK Internet Consulting (AKIC) media network. 

Our mission is simple – to bring you the very best the Internet has to offer and to explain tech in an easy-to-understand way. We realize that not everyone understands tech perfectly, which is why we try not to overwhelm you with industry jargon and hard-to-understand instructions.

We’ve been around since 2007 and we’ve published thousands of articles that have been viewed over 350 million times over the last decade. For our two main sites, Online Tech Tips and Help Desk Geek, we average about 110,000 – 120,000 visitors a day and between 3 and 3.5 million page views a month on each site.

Help Desk Geek is the second site to join our network and currently gets around 3 million page views a month and is growing quickly. The main purpose of Help Desk Geek is to create a blog full of help desk tips for technically savvy consumers and IT Professionals.

HDG was started back in 2009 and focused on providing readers with tips they would normally get from the help desk at their place of work. We help readers solve those strange and quirky errors you sometimes run into when using Windows or when you’re trying to setup a new wireless router.

Are you an experienced tech writer interested in writing for us? Then send an email with a link to your portfolio to the Editor-in-Chief, Aseem Kishore.

The Editors

Aseem Kishore – Owner & CEO

Aseem Kishore

Twitter: akishore
LinkedIn: aseemkishore

The evil genius behind AKIC is Aseem Kishore, who has been in the IT industry for over 15 years and now wants to bring his tech knowledge to others. 

He graduated from Emory University in Atlanta in 2002 with a degree in Computer Science and Mathematics, and started blogging in 2007. 

He took a giant risk and quit his job in 2010 to become a full-time professional blogger. He also bought a house and had a kid at the same time! But with big risks, came big rewards and he never looked back.

He is married to Malini, is a father of two children, and lives in Maryland.

Ryan Dube – Managing Editor

Ryan Dube

Twitter: rdube
LinkedIn: ryandube

Ryan is a technology writer who has been writing about technology online since 2007. He was a writer and editor for LoveToKnow.com and served as Managing Editor of MakeUseOf.com from 2014-2017.

Ryan has presented at the OSIsoft National Conference in San Francisco in 2014 and was been featured on national TV (History Channel and Canada’s Vision TV), as well as on radio and various podcasts.

Ryan attended the University of Maine at Orono, earning a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering degree. Over the years, he’s earned numerous certifications in automated manufacturing, as well as process data collection and analysis.

Our Publishing Policy

Here at AKIC, we strive every day to do the following :

  1. To ensure that we bring you the best and most useful articles possible.
  2. That all articles are factually correct to the best of our knowledge, at the time of publication.
  3. That our staff act professionally and fairly towards everyone mentioned in their articles. No biases allowed!
  4. That our staff make recommendations to our readers based on their actual preference and not due to any monetary influence by a third-party.

Please note that :

  1. We do not accept sponsored paid content under any circumstances.
  2. When we mention products in our articles, we may link an affiliate code to it. This will give us a small nominal payment by the ecommerce platform (usually Amazon) if you choose to click on the link and buy the product.

The Writers

Here are the great writers who bring you the tech information you need to know (and sometimes information you didn’t realize you needed to know).

Sydney Butler

Sydney Butler

Twitter: GendoWasRight

South African-based Sydney has been writing DOS batch files since age 5 and messing around with BASIC in kindergarten. He has two decades of experience as a freelance PC technician, and as an educator he’s also lectured on technology.

Sydney has been a professional writer and ghostwriter for 7 years and has written for several emerging tech publications.

Sydney has conducted academic research on social media and persuasion and is currently working on a study that examines the potential link between VR and psychological harm.

Guy McDowell

Guy McDowell

Twitter: GuyMcDowell
LinkedIn: guymcdowell

A former Royal Canadian Air Force and college instructor, Guy has been cited in scholarly articles, nominated for a columnist award, and is read by thousands every day.

His journey through technology always starts with taking apart, and sometimes fixing, things like radios, computers, phones, power tools, small engines, large aircraft, satellite systems, alternative energy systems, oil and gas production systems – and sometimes his own brain.

Patrick Hearn

Patrick Hearn

Twitter: PatrickS_Hearn
LinkedIn: patrickshearn

Patrick has written about technology for over 7 years for a variety of publications. He has also written scripts for YouTube channels.

Patrick’s work revolves heavily around smart home technology and the ways in which the Internet of Things can make day-to-day life more convenient. His experiences with devices like the Nest Security Camera and the August Smart Lock lead him to constantly tinker with new gadgets and devices and learn how they all work together.

In addition to his work in the world of technology, Patrick is the host of a gaming podcast and the administrator of a games-focused website.

Elsie Otachi

Elsie Otachi

LinkedIn: elsie-otachi

Elsie is a technology writer and editor with a special focus on Windows, Android and iOS, as well as working in various roles in different ad agencies.

She was first introduced to Computer Programming while on campus, which sparked her interest in the world of technology.

After graduating from university with a BCom. in Marketing, Elsie explored writing as a way of reaching more people with her new found knowledge. She’s currently pursuing her Masters in Communications and New Media.

David Trounce

David Trounce

LinkedIn: davidtrounce

David’s working background includes the tourism, banking, small business management, and in more recent years, web design and digital business management.

When not writing, David works with small business as a consultant in management and business growth. In 2009, David developed a successful traditional board game store known as “Games from Everywhere”. These games were used by Warner Bros Movie Studios in movies such as Narnia and After Earth.

David lives with his wife Gail, and four children in New South Wales, Australia.

Ollie Green

Ollie Green

LinkedIn: olliegreen

Ollie has been writing about technology, gadgets and video games since 2011. Since then, he’s honed his craft as a great writer that puts passion onto the page.

Over the years, Ollie has worked with a variety of clients and built great relationships to create lasting, meaningful content, through all sorts of industries. This includes custom and pro controller manufacturers and a global social media marketing agency.

Over the years, Ollie has learned how to create content that both humans and Google likes to read.

Joseph Boone

Joseph Boone

LinkedIn: konquezt

Joseph has extensive IT training and knowledge spanning back to 2006, beginning with the US Army as an IT communications specialist.

He has worked many different jobs within the IT industry including server administrator to Arizona’s Department of Economic Security, and an IT analyst for American Airlines.

In 2016, Joseph made the decision to reboot his life by beginning a new career as a freelance writer in the Phillipines.

Mahesh Makvana

Mahesh Makvana

Twitter: maheshhari
LinkedIn: maheshmakvana

One of the things Mahesh loves to do is explain to people how they can use technology for their benefit.

From writing data to NFC tags to automating tasks to building small yet really useful utilities, he has done it all over the last few years to make his life easier.

He thinks everyone should be able to make the most out of their devices and one of the ways he’s trying to make that possible for everyone is by writing how-to guides on various topics.

Anya Zhukova

Anya Zhukova

LinkedIn: anyazhukova

Anya’s educational background is in journalism and language studies. She became serious about writing back in university, working for a local newspaper first in Russia, and then in the U.S.

After finishing her studies, she worked as a sub-editor and reporter for an online magazine in Wales. This included conducting reviews, writing opinion pieces, covering cultural events and reporting on a number of issues and topics.

Always looking for new ways to make her life and location-independent lifestyle effortless, Anya hopes to share her experiences as a tech and internet addict through her writing.

Ben Stockton

Ben Stockton

Technology has been in Ben’s blood since he was a kid, getting hooked on SimCity 2000 that came bundled with his Windows 95 PC. He’s followed every Windows release since, never owning a prebuilt PC, preferring to always build his own.

Before starting as a writer, Ben taught computing in a UK further education college, teaching computing and IT skills to people of all ages. He also taught on apprenticeship programmes, teaching IT skills to UK Military of Defence apprentices.

About the AKIC Network

Though we started out with only Online Tech Tips in 2007, we quickly expanded our network to cover other areas in tech not covered by OTT. We now cover everything from gadgets and smartphones to Linux guides and virtualization.

Online Tech Tips – Our original site was founded in 2007 that is dedicated to providing readers with daily tips and tricks that make tech easier to use in their lives. We explain tech concepts in an easy-to-understand format and focus on consumer-oriented topics such as smart home tech, Window OS, software reviews, gadgets, smartphones, gaming, MS Office, etc.

The Back Room Tech – Founded in 2010, TBRT is geared mainly towards IT Pros. We focus mostly on tech topics like networking, servers, virtualization, Linux, and cloud computing.

Switching to Mac – Also founded in 2010, STM covers all things Apple-related. This includes iPhone, iPad, Mac computers, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and more. We also share troubleshooting tips and how-to guides related to Apple products.