Previously, we covered the best sites to discover aesthetic wallpapers for your desktop background and today we’re going to cover the best sites to find awesome looking 4K wallpapers for those who have ultra high-definition monitors.

If you read our previous article on what kind of setups our writers have for their home-based offices, you’ll notice that a lot of us are using widescreen monitors for our work. I personally am using the new Pro XDR display and it’s not worth looking at unless you have a 4K or higher resolution wallpaper on it.

Table of Contents

    Best Sites To Find 4k Wallpaper Desktop Options

    1. InterfaceLIFT
    2. Wallhaven
    3. Simple Desktops
    4. HDwallpapers
    5. WallpaperStock
    6. Deviant Art


    InterfaceLIFT offers stunning wallpaper for widescreen and double-screen computers, but also for mobile devices (Android and iPhone).  There are thousands of great 4K wallpapers for desktop here that you can get by clicking the Download button next to the one you want, and get a copy of the wallpaper, along with details about the image.

    The site also detects your display resolution automatically and shows you high-quality wallpapers matching that particular size. They’re sorted by date, but you can click the Sort by line and sort them randomly, by rating and number of downloads.

    InterfaceLIFT isn’t a new site though; it’s been offering beautiful wallpapers for a long time, and has a large online community of people who make system themes, icon packs and more.

    Its main drawbacks is the ads that make the site look busy, drawing your attention away from the wallpaper images, and the drop-down menu may be confusing when you use it for the first time.


    Initially, Wallhaven was a project to improve or replace the now defunct Wallbase, and is popular as it offers high resolution wallpapers that are 1080p or above. To use this site, browse the homepage or use the top list, random and latest buttons to find a wallpaper you like.

    It’s easy to find wallpapers similar to what you’re looking for thanks to the Tags or Search for similar options. This way, you get to view comparable images, and even select images based on a color you want and search by that variable.

    When you’re done, you can choose the Crop & Scale feature under the Tools section to crop and resize the wallpaper, and then download it in a different resolution.

    The site has a massive community, large database, and infinity scroll that lets you view as many wallpapers as you want instead of clicking through several pages to see more options.

    Its wallpapers are unique and stunning, and there’s so much to choose from including abstract wallpapers, in portrait or landscape sizing, as well as different resolutions for multiple monitors.

    Simple Desktops

    As evidenced by the name, this site offers simple 4K wallpapers for desktop with minimal and clean designs, unlike the cluttered offerings on other sites. They’re appealing to the eye, and it’s easy to browse and click on the wallpaper you want, and save to your computer.

    It’s free to use, doesn’t have irritating ads and other clutter, and offers high-resolution wallpapers, which you can also crop to fit smaller displays.

    The wallpapers include text snippets, patterns or iconographic images, which look attractive without being distracting or busy. It’s ideal if you want your desktop to look beautiful without standing out too much or becoming a distraction to you while you work.

    There are options for mobile devices, plus a Mac desktop app, and each image has some information about the artist who made it too.


    This site offers high-definition photos, illustrations and other wallpapers every day, which you can sort by latest, featured, popular, or browse based on color or category.

    When you’re ready to download, you can select your computer resolution or mobile device, or a social media platform like Facebook or Twitter cover photo.

    It also lets you pick from Available Resolutions on the wallpaper’s download page if you don’t want to download in your native resolution. However, it makes you wait for 10 seconds before the wallpaper is downloaded, so if you’re looking to download multiple wallpapers, it may slow you down.

    However, there are many HD wallpapers you can pick from for a variety of subjects, which work for double or triple screen displays.

    The site is free to use and offers lots of 4K, HD and 8K images, but it’s ad-heavy so you may not enjoy a clutter-free experience as with Simple Desktop.


    This site offers a huge amount of 4K wallpapers for desktop or any other purpose. You can check for categories such as animals, cars, world, and more, and select the resolution you want, though you can still see the resolution when you open the wallpaper’s page.

    The site also detects the display resolution for your desktop device, which makes it easy for you to click and open the wallpaper in the size you want, and then save to your computer.

    There’s a huge volume of high-quality, 4K wallpapers for your desktop computer in any category you want, plus it’s easy to navigate through the site and find what you want for free. Once you pick the wallpaper you want, you can download it for a specific screen resolution, mobile device or social media platform.

    It’s a free to use site so you’ll have to make do with the ads, which can be distracting, but there are thousands of free wallpapers that are worth a look. You can also subscribe to RSS updates for wallpaper categories you want, and if you enter your email, you’ll get the week’s top 10 wallpapers delivered straight to your inbox.

    Deviant Art

    DeviantArt offers thousands of original artwork that are hand-painted, hand-drawn, photo-edited or computer-painted by amateur artists and other members.

    You may not be able to use the search function to check for wallpapers as with other sites because its interface isn’t structured to find the wallpapers. You’ll find artwork that suits your personal preferences though, which you can add to your computer as your desktop wallpaper.

    It also offers an optional paid membership service for more community features and faster browsing, besides a huge collection of wallpapers from illustrations, photos to fantasy, abstract digital art or fanart of your favorite game, movie or comic franchise.

    You can pick wallpaper from a category, or sort from the most popular or latest wallpapers.

    However, it doesn’t let you filter specifically for display size or screen resolution so it may be a challenge finding exactly what you want. Plus, not all artwork on the site is free, and each wallpaper is only available in one size.

    What sites do you get your 4K wallpapers for desktop from? Share with us in a comment below.